The recent wave of lifestyle devices designed to monitor health and wellness are at odds with the kind of accurate medical remote monitoring that many people require. Biotricity is a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company that is delivering innovative remote patient monitoring solutions with precise, real-time, biometrics that can be used by both individuals and physicians.

The Company has built a remote patient monitoring solution comprised of three key components tailored to the diagnostic and post-diagnostic process: an IoT hardware with built-in cellular connectivity, an embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS), and the cloud for analysis and management of both data and devices.

The advent of IoT has made it possible for almost any “thing” to be remotely monitored. Biotricity has created Bioflux which leverages their remote patient monitoring platform and tailors it for the diagnostic cardiac market. The process is comprised of real-time cardiac monitoring where the data is sent to the Cloud for interpretation and then used by physicians to aid in the diagnostic process. The second pipeline product for the Company is Biolife, which will leverage the Company’s clinical-grade platform for the post-diagnostic cardiac market.

Biotricity Chairman, CEO & Founder, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, is committed to applying the Company’s platform in new chronic care markets, while continuing to develop and advance each component well into the future.

To help garner mass visibility for those in need, Biotricity retained Swing Wire Media to embark on a social media campaign to accomplish two very important goals for the ongoing growth of the Company: 1. raise awareness for patients with chronic illnesses who require remote monitoring, and 2. encourage healthcare providers to seek out new technological advances, like Bioflux, to improve the diagnostic process and health outcomes.

“We love being involved with such a great cause. Waqaas and his staff truly are great people doing great things!”, said Nicolette Nightingale, Swing Wire Media Managing Partner.

Nico went on to say, “I can’t wait to see where this Company goes. It’s our goal to help them build the biggest social media audience in the medical device monitoring space over the next several months and beyond. What they’re doing is ground breaking.”


Biotricity’s social media presence simply needed some creative attention and a faster growth strategy on a reasonable budget. This included attracting the right audience for the company’s consumer campaign and B2B business development efforts.


Swing Wire Media rendered consulting services to help aid Biotricity’s branding efforts and desired demographic growth strategies. By consulting with the Company’s media manager on the topics of branding placement, photo selection, posts’ overview, and hashtag research, Swing Wire Media effectively grew Biotricity’s social networks. Services included identification of targeted demographics and optimization, platform management implementation, and other industry trade secrets aimed at optimal social media growth.

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