Several years ago, guru investor, James West, launched what became a hugely successful career – identifying potentially profitable opportunities for others looking to capitalize on small stocks before they became big home-runs for stock market investors. Investor James West Goes Social

After years of publishing an offline newsletter via snail mail known as the “Midas Letter”, James West came to the conclusion he needed to put his persona and business model front and center of the rapidly growing online social media world.

His decision paid off in spades. With the help of Swing Wire Media, Mr. West – and his newly remodeled “Midas Letter” – now enjoys a robust and religious following of investors and traders around the world – who look forward to his informative and entertaining content from day-to-day. Investor James West Goes Social

His reach now spans the globe via his rapidly growing social media presence, and with the recent construction of Mr. West’s new studio, his newly developed online business model at is now in perfect position to grow in a way never before thought possible.

Aside from James’ constantly growing email newsletter subscriber base now, his thousands of social media followers now have the opportunity to interact, engage and follow his prowess for a lifetime of potentially profitable opportunities.

“We retained Swing Wire Media to grow our social media presence online in a hurry. In just 40 days, their Team increased our growth and engagement across all of our social media networks by 12%, and pushed our impressions upwards of millions”, said Mr. West.

He went on to say, “I can’t wait to see how far we can go now that we’ve got Swing Wire Media in our camp. Their creativity and commitment to our growth has been nothing short of spectacular!” Investor James West Goes Social


Midas Letter needed to establish awareness for a few of its client companies with a series of some groundbreaking news events on the horizon. These needed to be shared by as many individuals as possible in an effort to garner awareness for the companies in question, as well as utilize the exposure to enhance and grow its own social media presence. Investor James West Goes Social


With over 700 new newsletter sign-ups at in less than 40 days, aggregation of likes and followers on its social networks saw an increase of 12% – with a follower increase from 27,212 to 30,687 in the same period of time.

With an ad​ ​spend​ ​budget​ ​on​ ​target​ ​to​ ​maximize natural​ ​&​ ​organic​ ​reach​ ​in the​ ​demographic​ ​areas​ ​of financial markets, Midas Letter social media garnered 2,332,600+ impressions across all key social platforms. Investor James West Goes Social

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