In the Summer of 2017, Internet start-up financier turned stock market guru, Joji Mangubat, listened to his wife, Nico, when she started pounding the table on the future of online advertising and marketing. Citing social media as the single biggest venue ever for any business of any type to grow its brand and attract a highly targeted demographic, Nico was determined to build a firm that would someday become one of the most recognized social media experts on the planet. Joji took the leap of faith, encouraged the project, and in October of 2017 and Swing Wire Media was born.

However, it wasn’t as if Joji didn’t know what the possibilities of his investment could yield. Prior to his 20-year career in the stock market, Joji randomly fell into the advertising and marketing world in 1986 – helping build what would end up becoming a multi-million dollar promotional products company at the ripe young age of 19, before entering the budding commercial Internet space in 1997.

On the cusp of a social media revolution, Nico discovered the importance of self-promotion for her television and print entertainment career in 2003. From My Space to the launch of Facebook – and the ultimate introduction of LinkedIn, Instagram and Snap Chat – Nico has garnered a reputation of understanding social media and the Millennial in a way most have yet to learn.

Alex Visan was a highly sought after young engineer with a passion for programming and solving complex software application problems. However, shortly after the launch of Instagram, Alex became enthralled with the way social media applications were coded to match and attract individuals with like-minded interests and similar geographic locations.

Alex joined the Swing Wire Media Team in early 2018, and has since become one of the social media world’s most trusted experts – now helping Swing Wire Media clients of all sizes grow their brand, while growing their desired demographic in a way never before thought possible.

“We were enthralled to have Alex become part of our Management Team. His social media expertise and technical prowess have become an extremely important component to all of our clients’ success. His programming ability coupled with our internal creativity are a match made in heaven”, Swing Wire Media stated.

Graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree Cum Laude in Psychology, April Bevan immediately put her psychology degree to work – helping highly notable food and wine connoisseurs, Hollywood chefs and more, establish effective brands that would become staples in the highly fickle Hollywood scene. From Chef Eddie Brik to a reality television series titled “Simmer”, April has assisted in all facets of digital assets, copy, design and social media management.

April’s work has since resulted in multiple project opportunities throughout Los Angeles – with a goal to always leave a lasting impression on those she serves. With a deep knowledge of what drives online consumer buying habits, she even took on a confidential celebrity account with an online retail focus – developing, managing and driving the sales funnel all along the way.

With a passion for nature, health and everything wellness, April continues to help anyone and everyone she touches, which is why she’s chosen to become a big part of the Swing Wire Media Team. “I want to become a part of something big, so I can continue to help the entrepreneur build their dream”, says April.

Swing Wire Media Co-Founder, Nicolette Mangubat, said, “Her love for people and psychology has brought to our Team a dynamic that we’re so excited to leverage for our clients. April is a real asset to our Firm, and we look forward to her continued help with clients in the years to come”.


Filmmaker and Hollywood production motion designer, Cameron Starke, has spent his entire career filmmaking and producing everything from short clip films to blockbuster movie trailers, and final motion picture production. Currently working as a Senior Motion Designer in Hollywood, “Cam”, as he’s known to his friends and family, continues to wow movie lovers with his amazing talents, while always leaving them wanting more.

Advanced in all things Adobe, Cam continues to serve on the Swing Wire Media Board, while providing creative design and development when a Client’s in need. His attention to detail coupled with his immense creative angling has brought an element of design to the Swing Wire Team nobody could have ever thought.

“I love what I do, and I love what I’m able to provide Swing Wire Media from time-to-time”, says Cam. “What I do for the Team here allows me to tap a creative outlet I’m not able to provide in the film business. It’s almost therapeutic for me in a sense”, says Cam.

“All we know is we wouldn’t know what to do without Cameron”, said Nicolette Mangubat, Swing Wire Media Co-Founder. “He’s always there for us – especially when we need a creative concept to help spin a new client’s brand. He always seems to come up with something that inevitably ends up having a big positive impact. He’s just that kind of guy.”

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Gone are the old traditional advertising and marketing techniques. In is a new model of online advertising and marketing – one that attracts, engages, brands and fuses people to your business like never before.






Thinking outside the box

We’ve got to think out of the box, be creative, and figure out exactly who our clients are after, and how we can attract and engage their desired demographic. People don’t want to be sold anymore. They’re numb to the same old ads and same old offers. They want to find things on their own.

Although every business is different, all of our strategies and marketing tactics have a common thread – find the desired demographic, creatively engage them, and have them become buyers of our clients products and/or services for a lifetime.

Our unique combination of experience – and a commitment to understanding how to successfully brand, engage and get consumers of all ages online to act – is the crux of our success with you.

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Swing Wire Media focuses on the the need for businesses to take advantage of the new paradigm in online advertising and marketing.  Brick and mortar or web-based, it doesn’t matter. It’s time to get social and engage your desired audience for maximum growth.


Launching a startup is inherently daunting and challenging on so many levels. We didn’t have the bandwidth, resources, or know-how to manage our own social media. Swing Wire did everything – with almost no time or effort from us!


We are very happy with the work being done… But we don’t want to disclose SwingWireMedia.com as our secret weapon!


We’ve hired MANY vendors and we were reluctant and skeptical… What Swing Wire has been able to produce: creatives, ideas, content, and data driven ads – the results are BEYOND phenomenal!

*Yes these are REAL testimonials.