Breaking Speed: SWM’s Success with SilverHook’s Guinness World World Record + Social Media Records

In an extraordinary feat, world-renowned speed boat racer Nigel Hook set out to break three longstanding offshore speed boat records, including a Guinness World Record, from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba and back. Recognizing the importance of reaching racing fans and sponsors worldwide, Nigel enlisted the expertise of Swing Wire Media, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in SEO services and social media strategies breaking social media records for the boating industry.

Driving Online Visibility

Swing Wire Media’s Managing Partner, Nicolette ‘Nico’ Mangubat, swiftly launched an online media campaign to maximize the event’s exposure within a tight timeline. The campaign proved highly successful, capturing the attention of over 200,000 racing enthusiasts and aficionados in less than 30 days. Nico remarked, “A huge success for Nigel and us.”

Unleashing the Power of Social Media: Nigel Hook expressed his astonishment at the impact of social media. Swing Wire Media’s efforts propelled his fan base and following to unprecedented levels, attracting major news networks and potential sponsors. Nigel attested, “They clearly exceeded my expectations.”

Nigel Hook’s Guinness World Record Achievement

In addition to his impressive racing career, Nigel Hook shattered expectations and broke a Guinness World Record during his offshore speed boat endeavor. His remarkable accomplishment solidifies his position as one of the most successful power boat racers in the history of the sport.

Overcoming Challenges

SilverHook faced the challenge of rapidly growing its social media presence across multiple platforms. Swing Wire Media devised a fast and organic growth strategy for the Guinness World Record + Social Media visibility, effectively organizing and promoting SilverHook’s 10+ social media accounts. Through meticulous targeting and engagement, Swing Wire Media successfully attracted the desired demographic of boating enthusiasts, both casual and passionate.

Record-Breaking Results

With a world record-breaking endeavor and Guinness World Record achievement on the horizon, Swing Wire Media’s efforts generated web-wide awareness for SilverHook’s ambitious goal. The campaign’s impact was felt across popular social media platforms, with SilverHook reaching an impressive 250,000+ audience. The social media sphere echoed SilverHook’s success, with a 30% increase in new followers on Facebook/Instagram and a remarkable 50% growth in Twitter followers, with further expansion anticipated.


Swing Wire Media’s partnership with SilverHook proved instrumental in driving online visibility, attracting a global audience, and ultimately breaking multiple world records, including a Guinness World Record.  Swing Wire Media, a renowned digital marketing agency, remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering cutting-edge SEO services and social media strategies that drive extraordinary success for businesses and individuals. Their recent achievements have sparked online interest, leading to the launch of the syndicate.

Swing Wire Media achieved a groundbreaking milestone by real-time tracking the speedboat racing record that made history as a Guinness World Record. This record-setting feat occurred through the power of social media, revolutionizing how the industry embraces online tracking of real-life events. Swing Wire Media’s innovative approach encourages the industry to adapt and embrace the trends of tracking IRL events online.

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