Dominating Social Media: How Swing Wire Media Boosted Haim Salons’ Online Presence and Client Growth

Haim Salon, a prominent hair styling salon in North County San Diego, has been making men and women beautiful for over 25 years. With an impressive portfolio featuring participation in major LA fashion shows, high-end fashion photo shoots, and celebrity weddings, Haim Knister and his team of talented stylists have built a successful reputation. However, increasing competition from emerging high-end boutiques on social media posed a challenge for Haim Salons – achieving visibility of the salon online presence.

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Seizing the Social Media Spotlight for Haim’s Online Salon Presence

To regain their competitive edge, Haim Salons engaged Facebook marketing partner, Swing Wire Media, a leading social media agency, to spearhead their online efforts. In a matter of months, Swing Wire Media strategically showcased Haim Salons’ talent and skills on various social media platforms across Southern California. The result? Not only did Haim Salons solidify their presence in the digital realm, but they also experienced a surge in new client growth, even with rising competition in their local market. The salon’s social media following grew rapidly, attracting a highly relevant demographic of potential clients.

The Expertise of Swing Wire Media

Nicolette Mangubat, Managing Partner at Swing Wire Media, emphasized the significance of social media in today’s business landscape. She highlighted the importance of engaging consumers in a fun, informative, and interesting manner, stating that social media is where the majority of consumers spend their digital lives. However, she acknowledged the common challenge businesses face in finding the right balance between promotional and non-promotional content, maintaining brand consistency, and effectively targeting the desired audience. This is where Swing Wire Media excels.

Addressing the Problem

Haim Salons struggled with an inconsistent online presence, lack of branding continuity, and stagnant growth. Seeking a modest branding approach, they entrusted Swing Wire Media with the task of targeting their local demographic and establishing a strong online identity.

Implementing the Solution for Haim’s Salon

Swing Wire Media devised a comprehensive social media strategy for Haim Salons, incorporating creative content, short video clips, relevant hashtags, and location-based demographic targeting. Despite operating on a modest budget, Swing Wire Media achieved remarkable results. Haim Salons’ social media following experienced a staggering 147% growth in just six months across all platforms.

The Impact of Online Salon Presence in Social Media

Most importantly, the increase in Haim Salons’ social media following, from 2,855 to 7,073, has directly contributed to significant client growth. With a hyper-focused and highly relevant social demographic, Haim Salons witnessed a surge in sales and overall business growth. Every follower now represents a potential client, solidifying Haim Salons’ thriving position in the industry.


Swing Wire Media’s expertise in social media strategy and execution has propelled Haim Salons to new heights in the digital realm. By leveraging creative content, targeted demographic grabbing, and effective branding, Swing Wire Media successfully increased Haim Salons’ social media following and attracted a highly engaged and relevant audience. Haim Salons now enjoys a thriving online presence, amplified client growth, and the assurance that their social media efforts are driving tangible results. Partner with Swing Wire Media to take your business’s social media game to the next level and achieve extraordinary success. #SocialMediaAgency #OnlinePresence #ClientGrowth #DigitalSuccess

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