Haim Salon, one of North County San Diego’s most prolific hair styling salons, knows how to make men and women beautiful. They’ve been at it for over 25 years, and have become so successful that owner and operator, Haim Knister, and his staff of high-end stylists, have been featured in local magazines, participated in major LA fashion shows, retained for high-end fashion photo shoots, celebrity weddings and much more.

Further, Haim’s success eventually justified opening several other salons in the North County area, all of which have garnered some of the most well-known clientele from around the country.

All good, right? Well, as competition would have it, Haim Salons started to feel pressure from other young up and coming high-end boutiques that were not only gunning for their clientele, but beating them to the punch – making themselves extremely present in the world of social media in San Diego.

Haim sought to take their game right to them, and retained Swing Wire Media to spearhead the effort. In just a few short months, Haim Salons have not only put their talent and skills front and center on social media throughout the Southern California area, they’re now experiencing new client growth – despite rising competition right in their backyard. And, their social media presence continues to grow like a weed – with a demographic following that’s extremely relevant to their desired clientele.

Swing Wire Media Managing Partner, Nicolette Nightingale, said, “In today’s small business world, if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. You’ve got to go where the consumer goes, and you’ve got to engage them in a way they find fun, informative and interesting. There’s no better place to do that than on social media. That’s where the majority of consumers are in today’s digital world.”

She went on to say, “However, the problem most businesses have in making their social media a business growing endeavor – rather than an unnecessary increase to overhead – is they go out and find someone who knows about social media, knows how to put up posts, but doesn’t really know how to balance the difference between promotional and non-promotional content, the brand, the creativity, and then ultimately who to specifically target. You can get followers, but are they the right ones? Are they engaged? Do they even care about what you’re posting? That’s the key, and that’s what I like to think we’re so good at.”


With an inconsistent online presence, lack of branding/image, continuity, and stale growth, Haim Salons sought a modest branding approach – allowing Swing Wire Media free reign to target their desired local demographic.


Swing Wire Media put into motion a new social strategy: including creative content, short video clips, relevant hash-tagging, and location based demographic grabbing. On a modest budget, Swing Wire Media has successfully grown Haim Salons’ social following by 147% in 2017 across all social platforms – in just six months.

More importantly, Haim Salons’ new client growth has increased dramatically as a result of an aggregated increase in its social media following from 2,855 to 7,073 – with a hyper focused and extremely relevant social demographic now. Sales have increased, and the business continues to thrive knowing every follower is now a potential client.


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