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Need social media marketing strategies driven by REAL data?  Let our Social Media Marketing Strategists help YOU accomplish your online advertising and marketing goals – using proven methods and strategies we’ve developed to get you the results you’re looking for!  We identify your target market – go out and find them, engage and drive them straight to your business.  How we do it isn’t simple: that is why YOU hire US!  And WE want to help YOU develop an effective strategy to help you achieve maximum results for your online advertising and marketing goals.

SwingWireMedia excels in running successful YouTube and Google AdWords campaigns.

With agency relationships in Twitter advertising, we know how to maximize your reach.

Our Meta Agency Partnership allows us to advertise effectively on Facebook and Instagram while researching your competitors, grabbing their data, and implementing SEO strategies. Our Yelp Agency partnership, along with our SEMrush certified agency partnership, allows us to dive into the core depths of local SEO marketing as experts in social media marketing strategy and ad buying.

We have expertise/agency management of Pinterest & Shopify shopping experiences, and promoting businesses on LinkedIn, Reddit, and Stocktwits – all the while maximizing your dollar via TikTok ad management,

We can also help you advertise on Yelp via our agency relationship and represent you for commercial display and advertising via Hulu.

Plus so much more…

Social Media Marketing Changed in 2020

Between the pandemic and various social media marketing company changes, SEO and DATA became of the utmost importance for social media marketing and advertising.

@SwingWireMedia Highlights:

Swing Wire Media - Social Media Ad Agency Strategists

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Here are some of the areas of expertise we can HELP YOU manage:

  • Article Marketing and Native Advertising
  • Brand and Image Consulting
  • Competitive SEO Data Research & Strategy
  • Creative Strategizing
  • Landing Pages and Lead Generation
  • Media buying on all social media advertising platforms
  • Media Production and Design
  • Mobile Ad Display and Management
  • PR/Media Copy Writing and Publishing
  • Public Company Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management Marketing

Social Channels Experience:

Discord Snapchat
Facebook Telegram
Instagram TikTok
LinkedIn Twitch
Pinterest Twitter
Quora WeChat
Reddit WhatsApp
Shopify YouTube


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