World renowned speed boat racer, Nigel Hook, set out to go where no man has gone on before – break three long standing offshore speed boat records from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba and back.

Knowing the magnitude of what he was about to set out and do, Mr. Hook retained Swing Wire Media to ensure his efforts would be seen and heard by speed boat racing fans and sponsors around the world.

Understanding she didn’t have much time leading up to the actual event, Swing Wire Media Managing Partner, Nicolette Nightingale, put an online media campaign in motion with an eye toward garnering as many interested eye balls as possible. Her efforts in overseeing the fast-track campaign yielded a reach of over 200,000 racing fans and aficionados in less than 30 days. “A huge success for Nigel and us”, said Nico.

“I’ve always known the importance of having a following on social media for something like this, however, I had no idea just how powerful it could be. In a very short amount of time, the folks at Swing Wire Media propelled my fan base and following to a point whereby I was receiving calls from major news networks and potential sponsors. They clearly exceeded my expectations”, said Mr. Hook.

Nigel’s passion for speed has driven his 30 year career in motorsports where he’s competed at the highest level of offshore power boat racing worldwide. His exceptional skills on the water earned him three World Championships, and an induction into the APBA Hall of Champions. He currently races the 77 Lucas Oil SilverHook 48GP in the Superboat International unlimited class.

After several months of tweaking his SilverHook Superboat with state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning technology using his very own Company’s technology platform, Mr. Hook embarked on his efforts to break the off shore speed boat from Key West to Cuba.

Not only was he successful in his endeavor, he managed to break two additional world records in the process, thus making him one of the most successful power boat racers in the history of the sport.


SilverHook needed a FAST organic growth strategy across all social media platforms. Having 10+ social media accounts in dire need of organization and quick promotion, Swing Wire Media set out to organically grow and successfully brand SiverHook across all of its various social media networks.


With the goal of establishing web wide awareness for an important up and coming goal – to break a world record – Swing Wire Media tediously attracted and engaged the desired demographic. In less than thirty days, boating fans – both casual and passionate – fell in love with SilverHook.

Beating the UIM, APBA and a pending Guinness World Record, SilverHook reached 250,000+ across the most popular social platforms. SilverHook’s success was heard and felt in the social media sphere with a 30% gain in new followers on Facebook/Instagram, and a 50% gain in followers on Twitter – with continued growth to follow.

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