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Team Lucas Oil in their SilverHook 48GP and Team Reindl Powerboats in their 24′ “Bat Boat”

The Ocean Cup Syndicate

In 2013, Nigel Hook deciding to get back down to old school, endurance style offshore events established the firstOcean Cup referred to as “Golden Gate to Queen Mary”. The 2013 Ocean Cup was a 435-mile run from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Pilots Nigel Hook, Dan MacNamara, Lance Ware, and Andy Hindley were up to the challenge, however, the fuel-water separator issues forced the team to stop the 48’ Apisa Scarab outfitted with twin Cummins QSB 6.7 550 diesel engines several times.  Time 9 hours 50 minutes 51 seconds.

It wasn’t until the second event, in 2017, where Swing Wire Media stepped in to elevate branding and assist with he 2017 Ocean Cup –“Key West to Cuba” world speed record where Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson smashed an existing record by 15 minutes and garnered a Guinness World Record for the fastest journey from Key West to Cuba by powered boat in 1 hour 18 minutes 03 seconds. After spending a couple of hours in Havana for a press conference and passport control, the round trip was completed in 5 hours 41 minutes 59 seconds setting a UIM World Record.

The 2018 Ocean Cup – “Trinidad to Tobago” was incorporated into the 50th Anniversary running of The Great Race where Team Motul Monster set the UIM record at a blazing fast 47 minutes 43 seconds.

The 4th Ocean Cup held June 7 & 8, 2019 revived a historic ocean event, The Gateway Marathon, which had been staged for six years 1964-1969. Previous winners include legendary offshore racers Allan Brown, Jim Wynne, Odell Lewis, and Don Aronow.  In 2019, Nigel Hook and Michael Silfverberg set West Palm to Freeport, Grand Bahama at 1 hour 3 min 43 seconds with an average speed of 95.327mph and the return trip was set at 1 hour 5 min and 36 seconds with an average speed of 91.646mph (cumulative total 2 hours 9 minutes 9 seconds with an average speed of 93.497 mph) as sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association and the Union Internationale Motonautique.

On October 10th, 2020 a revised version of the historic offshore powerboat race known as the“Rum Run” took place off the coast of Southern California.  Produced by Ocean Cup, The two offshore racing teams that competed for this inaugural race were Team Lucas Oil in their SilverHook 48GP and Team Reindl Powerboats in their 24′ “Bat Boat”. The UIM/APBA approved course spanned 112 miles around Catalina Island, starting and finishing at the Huntington Beach Pier.


In 2018, 2019, and 2020 Ocean Cup needed organic growth, ad strategy, and content curation across all social media platforms on a FAST timeline.  The projects all needed integrations with various other sponsors and many social media accounts.  Each project needed to be streamlined quickly and efficiently; to curate the social media promotional material for maximized results with quick and effective strategy.  Swing Wire Media helped create and disseminate materials – engaging content, video, copy, ads, steaming services – from various sources to help organically grow and successfully brand Ocean Cup across all of its various social media networks.


With the goal of establishing web wide awareness for an important up and coming race – to break yet ANOTHER world record – Swing Wire Media worked tirelessly, and tediously, in conjunction with the umbrella of all media efforts within the Ocean Cup brand.  Collectively,  SWM aided in attaining the end goals: to engage with the desired demographics and create attraction — attention WITH intention.  This was all done in less than thirty days for each event, from start to finish, and contributed in respect to international worldwide coverage, and domestically, such as this 2020 article in Reuters via Yahoo News.

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ACUMI and IBM's Watson Meet - - Swing Wire Media - Social Media Ad Agency

ACUMI and IBM’s Watson Meet

DataSkill was a relatively unknown San Diego software development firm helping Fortune 1000 companies around the country increase efficiency, reduce costs and streamline their operations through innovative software and database solution. That is up until they surfaced a few months back with an announcement of significant magnitude. ACUMI and IBM’s Watson Meet

The Company had been quietly working in tandem with IBM to develop an artificial intelligence and machine-learning system on IBM’s “Watson” – a supercomputer that provides the engine for artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance as a “question answering” machine.

After months of development, DataSkill’s highly talented Ivy League programming team launched one of the most intelligent machine-learning and AI systems on the planet – now known as “ACUMI”. ACUMI and IBM’s Watson Meet

ACUMI has already helped various verticals improve their ability to learn, understand and take advantage of all of the data they had at their fingertips, but just didn’t know what to do with it. Now, they do.

However, it was the brain child of DataSkill COO, Ed Evans, who coined the new system “ACUMI”, which quickly became a very important challenge – to effectively brand and create the necessary awareness so that all enterprise verticals around the world could take advantage of it.

With the help of Ingram Micro and Swing Wire Media, DataSkill set out to re-brand itself – putting ACUMI in the spotlight and figuring out a way to give ACUMI a voice and a personality to help people associate with such complex technology.

Several conference call think-tanks between the creative minds produced a campaign strategy to make that happen. Now, with ACUMI having its own identity, DataSkill now successfully leverages its newly branded ACUMI web site located at

The site – developed by Ingram Micro – clearly articulates ACUMI’s capabilities, while also giving ACUMI that voice and personality it needed to become popular across the corporate enterprise world.

“We’re very excited to be helping DataSkill achieve maximum awareness through various PR and social media strategies. It’s not every day we get to participate in branding, marketing and advertising such cutting edge technology. DataSkill is literally going to change the way businesses operate forever, and we’re very proud to be a part of that”, said Joji Mangubat, Swing Wire Media Managing Partner. ACUMI and IBM’s Watson Meet


To bring DataSkill into the 2017 social media space and provide the Company an attractive and informative online presence. The Company needed to translate its accomplishments by pairing it with the ‘sexy subjects’ of artificial intelligence and machine-learning, the dry nature of data, and effectively communicate it across its entire digital footprint.


Through news publishing, brand consulting and strategic awareness on LinkedIn and other key social platforms, Swing Wire Media has helped DataSkill successfully position itself online as a leader in machine-learning and artificial intelligence. ACUMI and IBM’s Watson Meet

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Guru Investor James West Goes Social - helped Midas Letter to establish awareness

Guru Investor James West Goes Social

Several years ago, guru investor, James West, launched what became a hugely successful career – identifying potentially profitable opportunities for others looking to capitalize on small stocks before they became big home-runs for stock market investors. Investor James West Goes Social

After years of publishing an offline newsletter via snail mail known as the “Midas Letter”, James West came to the conclusion he needed to put his persona and business model front and center of the rapidly growing online social media world.

His decision paid off in spades. With the help of Swing Wire Media, Mr. West – and his newly remodeled “Midas Letter” – now enjoys a robust and religious following of investors and traders around the world – who look forward to his informative and entertaining content from day-to-day. Investor James West Goes Social

His reach now spans the globe via his rapidly growing social media presence, and with the recent construction of Mr. West’s new studio, his newly developed online business model at is now in perfect position to grow in a way never before thought possible.

Aside from James’ constantly growing email newsletter subscriber base now, his thousands of social media followers now have the opportunity to interact, engage and follow his prowess for a lifetime of potentially profitable opportunities.

“We retained Swing Wire Media to grow our social media presence online in a hurry. In just 40 days, their Team increased our growth and engagement across all of our social media networks by 12%, and pushed our impressions upwards of millions”, said Mr. West.

He went on to say, “I can’t wait to see how far we can go now that we’ve got Swing Wire Media in our camp. Their creativity and commitment to our growth has been nothing short of spectacular!” Investor James West Goes Social


Midas Letter needed to establish awareness for a few of its client companies with a series of some groundbreaking news events on the horizon. These needed to be shared by as many individuals as possible in an effort to garner awareness for the companies in question, as well as utilize the exposure to enhance and grow its own social media presence. Investor James West Goes Social


With over 700 new newsletter sign-ups at in less than 40 days, aggregation of likes and followers on its social networks saw an increase of 12% – with a follower increase from 27,212 to 30,687 in the same period of time.

With an ad​ ​spend​ ​budget​ ​on​ ​target​ ​to​ ​maximize natural​ ​&​ ​organic​ ​reach​ ​in the​ ​demographic​ ​areas​ ​of financial markets, Midas Letter social media garnered 2,332,600+ impressions across all key social platforms. Investor James West Goes Social

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Biotricity Improves Lives

Biotricity Improves Lives

The recent wave of lifestyle devices designed to monitor health and wellness are at odds with the kind of accurate medical remote monitoring that many people require. Biotricity is a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company that is delivering innovative remote patient monitoring solutions with precise, real-time, biometrics that can be used by both individuals and physicians. Biotricity Improves Lives

The Company has built a remote patient monitoring solution comprised of three key components tailored to the diagnostic and post-diagnostic process: an IoT hardware with built-in cellular connectivity, an embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS), and the cloud for analysis and management of both data and devices. Biotricity Improves Lives

The advent of IoT has made it possible for almost any “thing” to be remotely monitored. Biotricity has created Bioflux which leverages their remote patient monitoring platform and tailors it for the diagnostic cardiac market. The process is comprised of real-time cardiac monitoring where the data is sent to the Cloud for interpretation and then used by physicians to aid in the diagnostic process. The second pipeline product for the Company is Biolife, which will leverage the Company’s clinical-grade platform for the post-diagnostic cardiac market.

Biotricity Chairman, CEO & Founder, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, is committed to applying the Company’s platform in new chronic care markets, while continuing to develop and advance each component well into the future. Biotricity Improves Lives

To help garner mass visibility for those in need, Biotricity retained Swing Wire Media to embark on a social media campaign to accomplish two very important goals for the ongoing growth of the Company: 1. raise awareness for patients with chronic illnesses who require remote monitoring, and 2. encourage healthcare providers to seek out new technological advances, like Bioflux, to improve the diagnostic process and health outcomes.

“We love being involved with such a great cause. Waqaas and his staff truly are great people doing great things!”, said Nicolette Mangubat, Swing Wire Media Managing Partner.

Nico went on to say, “I can’t wait to see where this Company goes. It’s our goal to help them build the biggest social media audience in the medical device monitoring space over the next several months and beyond. What they’re doing is ground breaking.” Biotricity Improves Lives


Biotricity’s social media presence simply needed some creative attention and a faster growth strategy on a reasonable budget. This included attracting the right audience for the company’s consumer campaign and B2B business development efforts. Biotricity Improves Lives


Swing Wire Media rendered consulting services to help aid Biotricity’s branding efforts and desired demographic growth strategies. By consulting with the Company’s media manager on the topics of branding placement, photo selection, posts’ overview, and hashtag research, Swing Wire Media effectively grew Biotricity’s social networks. Services included identification of targeted demographics and optimization, platform management implementation, and other industry trade secrets aimed at optimal social media growth.


“Swing Wire Media was the linchpin our start-up company needed to gain social media visibility in the biotechnology sector. They created relevant, on-trend, and inspiring content, all the while helping us grow our presence exponentially on a reasonable budget.

Launching a startup is inherently daunting and challenging on so many levels. We didn’t have the bandwidth, resources, or know-how to manage our own social media. Swing Wire did everything – with almost no time or effort from us! Within several months of taking over our fledgling social media platforms, they grew our footprint of followers by 188%, adding 13,188 real followers to all of our platforms. They were communicative and reliable, and the most important part is that we could trust them to create content that aligned perfectly with our vision and goals.” – Alice Gaber, Executive Assistant to the CEO

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Biotricity Improves Lives

SilverHook Breaks World Records

World renowned speed boat racer, Nigel Hook, set out to go where no man has gone on before – break three long standing offshore speed boat records from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba and back.

Knowing the magnitude of what he was about to set out and do, Mr. Hook retained Swing Wire Media to ensure his efforts would be seen and heard by speed boat racing fans and sponsors around the world.

Understanding she didn’t have much time leading up to the actual event, Swing Wire Media Managing Partner, Nicolette Nightingale, put an online media campaign in motion with an eye toward garnering as many interested eye balls as possible. Her efforts in overseeing the fast-track campaign yielded a reach of over 200,000 racing fans and aficionados in less than 30 days. “A huge success for Nigel and us”, said Nico.

“I’ve always known the importance of having a following on social media for something like this, however, I had no idea just how powerful it could be. In a very short amount of time, the folks at Swing Wire Media propelled my fan base and following to a point whereby I was receiving calls from major news networks and potential sponsors. They clearly exceeded my expectations”, said Mr. Hook.

Nigel’s passion for speed has driven his 30 year career in motorsports where he’s competed at the highest level of offshore power boat racing worldwide. His exceptional skills on the water earned him three World Championships, and an induction into the APBA Hall of Champions. He currently races the 77 Lucas Oil SilverHook 48GP in the Superboat International unlimited class.

After several months of tweaking his SilverHook Superboat with state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning technology using his very own Company’s technology platform, Mr. Hook embarked on his efforts to break the off shore speed boat from Key West to Cuba.

Not only was he successful in his endeavor, he managed to break two additional world records in the process, thus making him one of the most successful power boat racers in the history of the sport.


SilverHook needed a FAST organic growth strategy across all social media platforms. Having 10+ social media accounts in dire need of organization and quick promotion, Swing Wire Media set out to organically grow and successfully brand SiverHook across all of its various social media networks.


With the goal of establishing web wide awareness for an important up and coming goal – to break a world record – Swing Wire Media tediously attracted and engaged the desired demographic. In less than thirty days, boating fans – both casual and passionate – fell in love with SilverHook.

Beating the UIM, APBA and a pending Guinness World Record, SilverHook reached 250,000+ across the most popular social platforms. SilverHook’s success was heard and felt in the social media sphere with a 30% gain in new followers on Facebook/Instagram, and a 50% gain in followers on Twitter – with continued growth to follow.

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Haim Salons San Diego

Haim Salon, one of North County San Diego’s most prolific hair styling salons, knows how to make men and women beautiful. They’ve been at it for over 25 years, and have become so successful that owner and operator, Haim Knister, and his staff of high-end stylists, have been featured in local magazines, participated in major LA fashion shows, retained for high-end fashion photo shoots, celebrity weddings and much more.

Further, Haim’s success eventually justified opening several other salons in the North County area, all of which have garnered some of the most well-known clientele from around the country.

All good, right? Well, as competition would have it, Haim Salons started to feel pressure from other young up and coming high-end boutiques that were not only gunning for their clientele, but beating them to the punch – making themselves extremely present in the world of social media in San Diego.

Haim sought to take their game right to them, and retained Swing Wire Media to spearhead the effort. In just a few short months, Haim Salons have not only put their talent and skills front and center on social media throughout the Southern California area, they’re now experiencing new client growth – despite rising competition right in their backyard. And, their social media presence continues to grow like a weed – with a demographic following that’s extremely relevant to their desired clientele.

Swing Wire Media Managing Partner, Nicolette Nightingale, said, “In today’s small business world, if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. You’ve got to go where the consumer goes, and you’ve got to engage them in a way they find fun, informative and interesting. There’s no better place to do that than on social media. That’s where the majority of consumers are in today’s digital world.”

She went on to say, “However, the problem most businesses have in making their social media a business growing endeavor – rather than an unnecessary increase to overhead – is they go out and find someone who knows about social media, knows how to put up posts, but doesn’t really know how to balance the difference between promotional and non-promotional content, the brand, the creativity, and then ultimately who to specifically target. You can get followers, but are they the right ones? Are they engaged? Do they even care about what you’re posting? That’s the key, and that’s what I like to think we’re so good at.”


With an inconsistent online presence, lack of branding/image, continuity, and stale growth, Haim Salons sought a modest branding approach – allowing Swing Wire Media free reign to target their desired local demographic.


Swing Wire Media put into motion a new social strategy: including creative content, short video clips, relevant hash-tagging, and location based demographic grabbing. On a modest budget, Swing Wire Media has successfully grown Haim Salons’ social following by 147% in 2017 across all social platforms – in just six months.

More importantly, Haim Salons’ new client growth has increased dramatically as a result of an aggregated increase in its social media following from 2,855 to 7,073 – with a hyper focused and extremely relevant social demographic now. Sales have increased, and the business continues to thrive knowing every follower is now a potential client.


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